What We Do

We develop technology that delivers trusted data from sensor to subscriber

Trusted data is the currency of IoT and big data. Without trust, the data received from critical equipment is at best distracting, potentially misleading, and maybe life impacting.

We founded Zymbit to address the need for Trusted Data from sensor to subscriber. We've built a solution that is simple to implement, open to integration and robust enough for data analytics. Our technology stack extends from sensor to susbcriber, is fundamentally secure and is easy to customize. We are open for business and love to work with innovative OEMs, developers and business operators alike.
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Who We Are

Phil Strong

CEO, Customer Advocate, Founder

Phil helps customers realize new business opportunities enabled by sensors, wireless communications and data analytics. He brings commercial and technical experience in robotics, automated factories and advanced sensors and is excited to address some of the fundamental opportunities that an ‘automated planet’ will enable.
Prior to Zymbit Phil was President of Danaher's motion control business and responsible for all aspects of this international business. He led the strategic initiative to build Danaher Motions automation platform based upon robotic technology acquired from Motion Engineering Inc., where he was CEO prior to selling to Danaher. Phil was also a cofounder of Optimized Control, which he sold to Baldor Electric/ABB. Today Phil is a director at Evolve Controls, a leader in wireless controlled spaces, and an advisory board member at Novatorque, a manufacturer of ultra-efficient motors.
Phil holds an MBA from ENPC France, an MSc in Industrial Robotics and Manufacturing Automation from Imperial College London, and a BSc in Physics from the University of Manchester, England.

Scott Miller

VP Secure Embedded Systems

Scott is responsible for architecture and development of Zymbit's embedded security systems. He knows that the next wave of devices connected to big data can only be successful if they are built on solid and secure design foundations. He’s excited by the opportunities that IoT can bring but a realist about the threats and realities of the ‘real world’. At Zymbit he’s on a mission to deliver fundamental building blocks that enable products to be practically secure, easy to deploy and scale.
Prior to Zymbit, Scott was a consulting software engineer at Robert Bosch automotive diagnostics where he developed embedded Linux applications for communications, real time performance analysis and cryptographic file systems. He was the principal embedded software engineer at Accsense an early provider of wireless IoT remote monitoring systems for medical and other critical applications, and at Polycom a provider of VOIP and integrated access devices. Scott is an embedded security zealot, with more exploit stories than he cares to share. His experience spans multiple technologies including Linux kernel drivers, TLS, 802.15.4, cryptography, communications and signal processing.
Scott holds a BSEE in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University.

Evan Fairchild

Applications Engineering

Evan is responsible for building customer applications and project engineering. He’s passionate about building end-to-end systems that solve customer needs for real time data driven intelligence. With the practical mind of an aviator Evan likes to focus on the essentials of design and to jettison the baggage of ‘more features’. He’s experienced in Python, NumPy and MatLab and is contributing to the development of Zymbit’s TICK based analytics tools for IoT.
Evan graduated from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo with a BS in Aerospace Engineering. During his time at college Evan was the technical lead on an industry sponsored project and was responsible for developing physics models and test simulations used to support structural analysis of wing and payload shock isolation.

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Or call us at +1 (805) 618-1096