AWS Integrations

Zymbit Amazon AWS Integrations

Secure Your AWS IoT Gateway

AWS qualified hardware security module

Zymbit AWS Qualified Device

Learn about Zymbit Hardware Security Integrations for AWS

Hardening the Attack Surface at the Edge

Launch Partner for AWS IoT GreenGrass HSI

AWS Integration Examples

TLS Client Certificate Authentication

  • Generate Zymkey secured client certificates
  • Bring Your Own Certificate or use AWS
  • Attach custom policies to Zymkey client certificates
  • Secure connection to AWS IoT with client authenticated TLS


Just In Time Client Registration

  • Simplifies large scale fleet deployments
  • Lambda function automates client registration
  • Bring Your Own Certificate or use AWS


Signed Temperature Sensor Data

  • Deliver verified sensor data to AWS IoT
  • Encrypt and sign data at source


Engineering Services

Zymbit develops secure embedded hardware and software solutions for OEMs.

Zymbit secure enclave
Zymbit Engineered Solutions for OEMs

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