Protokit 5

Secure ProtoKit for Raspberry Pi Computers

Secure ProtoKit for Pi

The easy way to protect your Pi projects in the real world.

Waterproof, dustproof, tamper resistant, radio transparent

  • IP67 waterproof, dustproof enclosure.
  • Learn about IP ratings>
  • Silicone gasket seal between lid and body
  • Cable glands available for IP67 rating
  • ASA plastic is resistant to long term UV exposure and high impact

Easy to wire protoboard

Ready for Pi compatible computers

Spring cage IO terminals

Spring cage power Terminal

Prototyping area


Optional cyberphysical security

Tamper switches included

Tamper shield ready

Add a Zymbit Security Module

Protect you digital assets from cyberphysical threats.

  • Hardware root-of-trust
  • Device authentication using measured fingerprint
  • Data encryption & signing
  • Secure key generation & storage
  • Tamper detection – perimeter, shock

Zymbit Security Module 4i

Multiple mounting options

Clean looking wall mount is standard. Optional pole mounting brackets available.

Easy to customize for a professional finish

Plastic that’s easy to drill and add cable glands


Customize with a durable laser printed label

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