Security Modules for IoT Devices

Security Modules for IoT Devices

Easy to Integrate. Hard to Penetrate.

IoT security module for AWS and Raspberry Pi - TPM, HSM

Easy to Integrate Modules

Plug-in hardware security modules for software developers: APIs for Python, C and C++

TPM, HSM, hardware security module for Raspberry Pi
TPM, HSM, hardware security module for Raspberry Pi

Hard To Penetrate

Layers of security defend against cyber and physical threats

cyberphysical security, layered security, secure element, root of trust, secure microcontroller

Essential Security for IoT Devices

MultiFactor Device Identity

multifactor device identity

Data Encryption & Signing

data encryption & signing

Key Storage & Generation

key storage

Physical Tamper Detection

physical tamper detection cyberphysical security

Real Time Clock

real time clock, RTC

Ultra-low Power Operation

ultra low power

Popular Integrations

NEW Blockchain Integration

oaken innovations, blockchain, ethereum
Zymbit and Oaken Innovations team up to make a security module for Ethereum and other EVM compliant blockchains.

Design Services for IoT Security

developer community

Getting started, code & support

microchip security partner

Secure embedded software design

Altium hardware design tools

Zymbit has expertize in secure embedded software and hardware design.
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