Freedom to build secure edge compute and IoT infrastructure, your way.

Zymbit unified endpoint management tools and trusted modular hardware give developers the flexibility to build resilient solutions that operate long term in zero trust environments.

Thousands of developers choose Zymbit products for lifetime protection of critical credentials, data and applications deployed across IoT and edge infrastructure.
Thousands of developers choose Zymbit products to protect critical credentials, data and applications deployed inside IoT and edge infrastructure over long periods of time.
Thousands of developers choose Zymbit products to protect critical applications, data and credentials deployed in zero-trust environments.
Zymbit Secure Edge Node with Compute Module

Unified endpoint management tools and trusted modular hardware.

Easy to integrate at any stage of development, with increasing levels of security, maintainability and recovery.

Secure Modular Products

Easy to integrate at any stage of development, with increasing levels of security, maintainability and recovery.

Secure. Resilient. Maintainable.

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Transforming the IoT pilot experience by connecting the dots for developers, operators, security professionals and . . . . .

zymbit secure compute edge for zero trust environments

Professional Components

Secure modular components that are easy to integrate and engineered for a lifetime of reliable operation in zero trust environments.

Bootware™ Unified Tools

Making IoT infrastructure resilient to compromised updates and bricked devices
with unified security management tools and trusted hardware.

Unified security management tools and trusted hardware for resilient IoT infrastructure.

The resilient unifying layer between bare metal and software.

Making IoT infrastructure resilient to compromised updates and bricked hardware.

+ A/B updates managed in secure silicon.

+ Encrypted files system and user kernel.

+ Signed images and updates.

+ Fallback and bare metal recovery options.

+ Seamless integration with Raspberry Pi OS and Ubuntu.

+ Easy upgrade path from standard RPi products.

+ Available on Zymbit HSM, compute and edge node products. 

+ Optimized for ARMv8 CPUs.

Turnkey Solutions

Modular compute hardware that's secure and easily customized.
Zymbit secure edge node - secure computer for zero trust environments
  • Zymbit Secure Compute Module inside. 
  • 25W power supply, 12VDC barrel jack input
  • 1G Ethernet, USB2 x 2, HDMI
  • Secure enclosure with integrated tamper switches
  • M.2 socket (key B) socket and  micro-SIM cardholder
  • MIPI CSI Camera x2, DSI Display x1


Trusted by professionals around the world

Jeff Geerling Reviews

"The Secure Edge Node is certainly the most secure Raspberry Pi!"
Jeff Geerling Reviews Zymbit

Trusted by Amazon

Learn from AWS global tech lead Tim Mattison about best practices for key storage and more...
zymbit AWS geengrass qualified

” This is awesome! I see a lot of use cases where we can apply these devices to our IoT initiatives. “

Chad N.  US

“Zymkey 4i was ultimately selected as it had much better support for setup, encryption and LUKS.”

Vinay Kumar Calastry Ramesh. USA

” zymbit makes it harder to copy software “

rpiMike  UK

” Many positive feedbacks regarding cryptographic hardware from Zymbit.”

Alberto T.  Spain

” I use a raspberry pi in an industrial case with a zymbit 4i security module which is very good for keeping the contents of the SD card private. “

tttdevelop.  Canada

” Very impressed with this little device! Setup was very easy. It worked out of the box.”

Peter G. US

” If you’re a security professional like me that needs hardware secret key support and rock solid encryption Zymkey is a great device.”

Pythonguy. US

” ZYMKEY passed our tests perfectly, of course. “

Aaron J. UK

” You guys are so great to work with! Zymbit provides the extra layer to keep your keys on the ZYMKEY, locked and married to the device.”

Travis L. US

” While looking for a way to make the Raspberry safer, I found ZYMKEY4 and it turned out to be great.”

Ivan K. Germany

” Zymkeys are instrumental in turning a would-be major data loss into ‘just’ a hardware loss”


Zymbit Verified. Thinking beyond security.

Zymbit verified products deliver a unified experience across API, hardware, tools and services.
  • Build secure prototypes today with plug in security modules.
  • Deploy lasting infrastructure that’s secure, maintainable and resilient.
zymbit hardware security modules, secure compute, secure devices

Easy to integrate

Unified API that simplifies security

We recognize that security is often the last thing you get to think about. That’s why we provide high level abstractions that deliver essential protection without the need for expert security knowledge.
zymbit secure edge software API
API in C, C++, Python
App Utils library simplifies integration of cryptographic & device security features.
Learn how to encrypt file systems, use tamper detect, configure digital wallets with detailed examples.
Product briefs, conformity docs, mechanical drawings, CAD files and more.
Ask questions and get answers on popular topics relating to zymbit products and applications.

Tough to infiltrate

Layers of physical, digital and cryptographic security with unified API

In the real world, unattended assets are vulnerable to digital and physical exploits. Equipment that is accessed locally through wired, wireless and physical channels, can become a pathway to exposing sensitive data, credentials and IP.

Zymbit's secure technology stack provides multiple layers of digital and physical protection that operate independent of the host equipment.
zymbit secure modular compute hardware protects iot and edge devices
Multiple system factors form a robust device-specific identity that can be used for self-attestation.
Two perimeter circuits, accelerometer
and temperature sensors provide
layers of physical security.
Strong cipher suite includes ECDSA, ECDH, AES-256, SHA256. ECC KOBLITZ P-256. Integrates with TLS certificates.
Public/private key pairs are generated in a tamper resistant secure element. User defined tamper policies and actions.
BIP32/39/44 & SLIP39 compliant digital wallet functions that simplify integration with blockchain and digital currencies.
ED25519, X25519, ECC KOBLITZ P-256, ECC NIST P-256, ECDH (FIPS SP800-56A), ECDSA (FIPS186-3), AES-256 (FIPS 197), TRNG (NIST SP800-22) ....
User defined protection policies, including key destruction with in-module energy source.
Verify signatures and integrity of boot and system files against user defined manifest.
Protect against physical and electrical access threats with tough materials and secure design.
A single coin cell battery can provide years of protection after main power is removed or compromised.
An autonomous sense of time helps resist against power and NTP attacks.
Seamless integration with Linux Unified Key Setup framework and dm-crypt.

Designed and manufactured in California

Zymbit products are designed, manufactured and programmed in California in an ISO9001 facility.
zymbit hardware security modules HSM for raspberry pi
zymbit security modules manufactured in the USA
zymbit secure edge nodes manufactured and provisioned in the USA
Contact Zymbit > to learn more about our manufacturing and supply chain management. 

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