Hardware Security Module for Raspberry Pi & NVIDIA Jetson Nano
zymkey security module for raspberry pi
zymkey security module for nvidia jetson nano

ZYMKEY4 protects credentials, data and IP
from physical and digital attacks.

zymkey protects data from cyberattacks

Essential Security with Simple API

measured system identity

Measured System Identity & Authentication

  • Unique ID created from multiple device-specific measurements.
  • Authentication required to activate cryptographic services.
  • Permanent and temporary binding modes.
  • Custom input factors available to OEMs.
data encryption and signing

Data Encryption & Signing

  • Strong cipher suite includes ECDSA, ECDH, AES-256, SHA256
  • AES-256 encrypt/decrypt data service
  • TRNG, suitable seed for FIPS PUB 140-2, 140-3 DRNG.
  • Integrates with TLS client-side certificates
key generation and storage

Secure Key Generation & Storage

  • Generates and stores key pairs.
  • Stored in tamper resistant silicon.
  • ZYMKEY4, HSM4 supports 3 private/public key pairs.
  • HSM6 supports 512 private/public keys, and 128 foreign public keys.
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secure element

Secure Element + Security Supervisor

  • Multiple layers of hardware security.
  • Dual secure-processor architecture.
  • Secure microcontroller supervises access to cryptographic services.
  • Secure element delivers crypto-engine and key functions.  
low battery operation

Ultra-low-Power Operation

  • ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller minimizes emissions footprint.
  • Enable years of secure operation from a single coin cell.
  • Delivers autonomous physical and digital security.
real time clock

Real Time Clock

  • Battery-backed real time clock to support off grid applications.
  • 24-36 month operation, application dependent.
  • RTC clock service available to client applications.
  • 5ppm accuracy.

Secure Integrations with ZYMKEY4

Detailed examples provide step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Zymbit into your application.
full disk encryption

Full Disk Encryption

  • Encrypt root file system with dm-crypt.
  • Protect data, applications and credentials.
  • ZYMKEY integrates seamlessly with LUKS key manager. 
  • Step-by-step guide with prewritten scripts that streamline the process.

LUKS Key Management Integration

LUKS key management integration

Physical Tamper Detect

  • Two independent perimeter circuits  provide layered protection. 
  • User configured policies and actions.
  • Notify or destroy keys on perimeter-breach event.
  • Continuous operation with onboard battery.
physical tamper detect
TLS Client Certificate Authentication
  • Generate Zymkey secured client certs.
  • Bring Your Own Certificate or use AWS.
  • Attach custom policies.
  • Secure connect  client authenticated TLS
Just In Time Client Registration
  • Simplifies large scale fleet deployments
  • Lambda function client registration

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