AWS Qualified Devices

Zymbit secure compute products are pre-qualified and easy to integrate with AWS IoT.

AWS Qualified Devices

Zymbit hardware security modules protect credentials, data and IP from physical and digital attacks.
zymbit hardware security modules

Integrations that Save Time

Step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Zymbit into your application.

Integration with AWS Credentials

  • Setup the Provisioning Device
  • Setup the Certificate Authority
  • Setup AWS Credentials Provider
  • Set up and get credentials.
  • Provision your IoT device.
zymbit integration with aws credentials

TLS Client Certificate Authentication

  • Generate Zymkey secured client certificates
  • Bring Your Own Certificate or use AWS
  • Attach custom policies to Zymkey client certificates
  • Secure connection to AWS IoT with client authenticated TLS
TLS Client Certificate Authentication

Just In Time Client Registration

  • Simplifies large scale fleet deployments
  • Lambda function automates client registration
  • Bring Your Own Certificate or use AWS
Just In Time Client Registration AWS

Hardware Key Storage

Learn from AWS global tech lead Tim Mattison about best practices for key storage and more...

Encrypt & Sign Data

  • Collect temperature sensor data.
  • Encrypt and sign sensor at source.
  • Deliver verified sensor data to AWS IoT.
encrypt and sign data with zymbit

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