AWS Qualified Devices

Zymbit hardware security modules protect credentials, data and IP from physical and digital attacks.

Integrations that Save Time

Step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Zymbit into your application.

Integration with AWS Credentials

  • Setup the Provisioning Device
  • Setup the Certificate Authority
  • Setup AWS Credentials Provider
  • Set up and get credentials.
  • Provision your IoT device.

TLS Client Certificate Authentication

  • Generate Zymkey secured client certificates
  • Bring Your Own Certificate or use AWS
  • Attach custom policies to Zymkey client certificates
  • Secure connection to AWS IoT with client authenticated TLS

Just In Time Client Registration

  • Simplifies large scale fleet deployments
  • Lambda function automates client registration
  • Bring Your Own Certificate or use AWS

Hardware Key Storage

Learn from AWS global tech lead Tim Mattison about best practices for key storage and more…

Encrypt & Sign Data

  • Collect temperature sensor data.
  • Encrypt and sign sensor at source.
  • Deliver verified sensor data to AWS IoT.

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