Secure Manufacturing Tools

Encrypt, program and provision thousands of devices
efficiently and reliably, without compromising security.

Zymbit Manufacturing Appliance

Rapid encryption & programming for high volume manufacturing with Zymbit security modules & devices.
zymbit secure manufacturing appliance
  • Encrypt and program hundreds of Zymbit HSM secured devices per day.
  • Unique encryption key for each device, generated on device, on the fly.
  • Parallel programming of 4 and 8 devices.
  • Integrates with customer provisioning and secure image download frameworks.
  • Easily operated by manufacturing technicians.

Operator Friendly Secure Automation

Zymbit provides services, tools and processes that help you transition to volume manufacturing quickly and securely.
zymbit secures manufacturing environment
protect sd card on raspberry pi
protect sd card
raspberry pi security with zymbit

Need to program thousands of devices, securely?

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