Transforming the IoT pilot experience by connecting the dots for developers, operators, security professionals and . . . . .

zymbit secure compute edge for zero trust environments

Survive MaxQ. Launch Your Pilot!

Most IoT projects fail at pilot stage because that's when things are most uncertain and you're under maximum pressure to deliver results.

Zymbit's Secure Edge Fabric helps you connect the dots and get the job done faster, with better outcomes, less stress and more joy!

Secure Edge Nodes That Streamline Pilots

Third generation Linux compute node with customizable baseboard, choice of HSxM security, enterprise grade power system, M.2 storage expansion, and support for Pi Compute CM4 and beyond.

Zymbit secure compute module with Raspberry Pi

Developer Kits

Zymbit secure edge node linux computer powered by raspberry pi

Edge Nodes

Bootware™ Ties It All Together

Delivering low-friction unified credential, update, and recovery management across Zymbit Linux edge compute nodes, tiny non-Linux devices, and third-party nodes deployed within the Edge Compute Fabric.

+ A/B updates managed in secure silicon.

+ Encrypted files system and user kernel.

+ Signed images and updates.

+ Fallback and bare metal recovery options.

+ Seamless integration with Raspberry Pi OS and Ubuntu.

+ Easy upgrade path from standard RPi products.

+ Available on Zymbit HSM, compute and edge node products. 

+ Optimized for ARMv8 CPUs.

HSxM Anchors Everything With Cryptography

Combining the essential elements of security management, supervised hardware and safe recovery.
Zymbit secure compute module with Raspberry Pi

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