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April 13, 2022by Sabrina Chang

Precision real-time gauges help Audi fanatics visualize engine performance and tune their ride with precision! Check out this innovator’s story.



The Innovator

Meet Travis – experienced developer, Audi fanatic and successful entrepreneur. He drives an already sporty Audi S8, but wanted even more performance and the freedom to optimize tunings based upon precise real- time data from every sensor on the mighty 570HP V8 TFSI engine.

After searching for the perfect product, he realized there wasn’t one single solution that would meet his demanding needs. That ignited his innovative spirit and drove him to develop his own solution.


The Vision

Travis wanted to build a product that could leverage the rich data-feed from his favorite Audi tuning box built by Dyno-Spectrum in Scotland. He prioritized a beautifully sleek design with high resolution Audi- looking gauges and touchscreen display that would harmonize with Audi’s standard OEM screen and enhance overall driver experience. Inside the product he included advanced real-time logs, a virtual dyno to measure horsepower and torque, custom maps, KPI and a toolbox packed with analytics.


Show Time!

After 12 months of writing code, testing, fixing and improving the designs, his first prototype was ready to share with the world. To his surprise,Travis was swamped with positive feedback from other Audi owners who wanted to get their hands on one too!

I shared it with one of my Audi Facebook groups and everyone just lost their minds over it

With this cool piece of tech, an excited user base, and the desire to share his solution with other Audi owners, Travis launched BetterThan Inc., jokingly explaining that it’s “better than” anything else on the market.


Product Innovation

BetterThan’s first product is “Resolution”, branded as bTres and pronounced “BT Res”. bTres fits discretely into most Audi performance cars and gives drivers the tools they need to monitor and optimize their ride.

Product innovations includes a cool high resolution touch display with custom bezel, a compact control unit, advanced software, wiring, and great online installation instructions. Inside the control unit is an RPi 4 computer featuring Quad core Cortex-A72 CPU with a powerful rendering engine, all capable of running the gauges, communications and analytics in real-time.

Protecting Innovation

After investing a tremendous amount of time and money into his product, Travis knew that protecting his code was a necessity. Before sharing his product with the rest of the world, he had to find a security solution that would be easy to integrate and provide a high level of physical and digital security.

The Raspberry Pi is not secure, not one bit. It’s not that hard to just pull the SD card out of it and put it in your computer. After I put all that time into building it, I didn’t want someone to just grab all my software.


On his search for a security solution, Travis tested Zymbit’s ZYMKEY4 security module and found it to be the perfect solution for his project. In addition to full disk encryption, hardware-based key storage and low power operation, the Real Time Clock was an added bonus.ZYMKEY4 on Raspberry Pi

Zymbit provides the extra layer to keep your keys on the ZYMKEY, locked and married to the device.

With bTres secured by ZYMKEY4, Travis was able to launch his product to the Audi community while protecting his software and maintaining his freedom to innovate using best-in-class components.


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